Lifeworks Bible Church

    8160 University Hills Blvd.   Dallas, Texas 75241  214-729-8006     

    [email protected]   

Sunday Worship     A RENEWING JOYFUL EXPERIENCE  with  Soul-Stirring Messages...


Sr. Pastor Theodore L. White III        Teaching Worth Hearing 


    Ministry Networking 

 Co-laboring the Ministry of Christ.

           Feeding the hungry 


Mobile Ministry  

Reaching the community and homeless with Support,        Bible study and praying.


New Mind Communications

Effortless Meditations by CD

Where listening WILL change your life

Life is challenging sometimes for all of us. In spite of our best efforts we find ourselves still feeling overwhelmed. At such times we need someone to help bridge the gap. Someone to stand with us as we face our interpersonal struggles.


         The mission of Lifeworks Bible Church is to walk with you together  every step of the way while you seek restoration in every

       area of your personal experience. come visit us and discover the Spirit and word of God that brings real freedom.