Lifeworks Bible Church

    8160 University Hills Blvd.   Dallas, Texas 75241  214-729-8006     

    [email protected]   

8160 University Hills Blvd. Dallas, Texas 75241


Service Times:

Wed. -7:00pm  -  8:30pm - Bible Study

Sat.    -2:00pm -  3:30pm -Sabbath Bible Service
Sun. -10:00am -  Sunday School

Sun. -11:00am -  Morning Worship Service


Location                      Contact Info.

8160 University Hills Blvd.

Dallas Texas 75241


Email- [email protected] 


           At the corner of Wheatland and Old Houston School Rd.    Now 8610 University Hill Blvd.  Dallas, Texas 75241

Our church is based on the belief that our members needs are of the utmost importance.

 Our entire membership is committed to meeting those needs.


                                        WHAT TO EXPECT WHEN YOU VISIT US

One of the most uncomfortable feelings is going somewhere and not knowing what to expect. We want to do the best we can to inform you ahead of time on what to expect so that you can have an enjoyable experience. The first thing you can expect is to be greeted by a church full of friendly folks, who from your first visit will make you feel like family.


Some members dress up but most dress casual which is totally acceptable, we believe in a casual come as you are dress.


Generally, we begin with a couple of praise songs. During this time you will notice many people standing and singing along with the musicians.  You may stand or sit during this time, don't feel obligated to do what everyone else is doing. During this time we would encourage you to sing along, but if you feel more comfortable to just sit back and enjoy the music, feel free. This may or may not be followed by selections from our exciting enthusiastic choir. These songs will most definitely stir the Spirit.  After this, there is a soul inspiring biblical based Message shared from the Pastor that you'll be able to relate to and apply to your life. Then we will take up an offering. If you are a guest- relax!!! There is no obligation on your part to have to give money. However, we would like you to fill out the visitor card and place it in the tray as it is being passed around. We promise we won't bother you, it just helps us to get to know you better. 


Anywhere from an hour or two, this is followed by announcements for the week.  


At Lifeworks Church we place a high priority on children.   Many churches struggle to find adequate help for children. Since we want your children to be in an environment that will be fun and educational, we are taking our time to develop our children's program . We don't want your children just to be put with volunteers, but with people who have a heart for children and a passion to help them grow into God's desired plan for them. We thank you for your patience as we develop our children and youth ministry programs for both now and future generations.


When the service is dismissed several of the members will greet you again on your way out of the sanctuary just to let you  know how much we appreciated your coming. we have a saying at Lifeworks"once you come you're hooked" in the meamtime,

        We welcome the opportunity to earn your trust ,

and look forward to your visit.