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Effortless weight lossMeditation CD


Effortless Weight Loss Meditation CD






Efforless Weight Loss - Audio CD


Have you tried to exercise but soon lose momentum? The reason is becaused your mind did not readily accept the new habit and literally fought against you. Thats why "effortless Weight Loss" meditations work because they work from the inside out by supporting you on every levels.Yes you will learn to love exercising, eating more healtier and how to destress your mind. Weight loss becomes almost effortless when the subconscious mind (spirit) is renewed with new beliefs gain by the guided suggested affirmations.This CD guides you to a more tranquility centered peace of mind enabling you to improve clarity and focus resulting in the over all quality of life. This meditation GUIDES YOU BACK TO YOUR TRUE INNER STRENGH. And away from the everyday pursuits to gain more and more which weakens the body. “What will a man profit by gaining the whole world, at the cost of his true self?” [Luke 9:25, Order ans see for yourself. JUST LISTEN AND WATCH THE WEIGHT COME OFF!


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