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Increase your Business success meditation CD


Increase your Business Success Meditation CD






Business Success Meditation


Here creating a mental blueprint of your ideal business environment is the Goal. One of the keys to making this meditation useful for your business success is to set your intentions before you begin. For example How much money you’d like to manifest, how you will advertise the ideals for your business. So you set that intention by writing this intention down prior to beginning. It's a good idea to keep some form of a journal for your meditation so if needed you can refer back. The primary focus of the meditation is to 'relax' your mind not to try and 'stop' the thoughts from coming through. As the thoughts come through just allow them without judgment and continue to focus on your breathing, or color, or visualization you decided. After completion of your meditation journal some brief notes on what you experienced. The key here is just to write, not to judge or be focused on you're what you're writing just let it flow out.


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