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Breaking Addictions-smoking , drinking ,compulsions CD


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Breaking Addictions- Smoking /Drinking /Any Compulsion Audio CD 

If you're currently plagued by some addictive behavior this CD is for you. Self-help relaxation strategies are an effective option to support personal change and reduce stress - and as such can play an important role in addiction recovery.This recording relates to the more subconscious fields of feeling, intuition and belief. By working on the subconscious level new opportunities open up and it becomes easier to cope with life as it is and to feel stronger under stress. When the addictive beliefs leave the addiction leaves with it.


What is Addiction? Addiction describes a physical and/or psychological dependency on a substance or behavior. While often referring to alcohol or drug abuse, addiction can take the form of a compulsion to smoke, engage in sexual acts, gamble, or shop. Almost any behavior can become an addiction, even internet, phone, or other technology use in today’s world. If you're ready for change order now!

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