Lifeworks Bible Church

    8160 University Hills Blvd.   Dallas, Texas 75241  214-729-8006     

    [email protected]   

Lifeworks is truly an amazing Church I have never learned so much.

everything I thought I knew was reevaluated to give me new insight.

Their motto "life will work if you work it Right" is so true I was waiting on God

when all I had to do was learn and follow his precepts then everything changed

and i do mean everything. Thank you so much Pastor White you are a God sent.

Brenda Addison

Hey guys just want to say thank you, your meditation CDs are off the chain.

The mind really does govern everything. and I was perishing for a lack of 

knowledge but not any more. my life has finally taken off I look forward to 

visiting the church next summer.keep up the good work.

God Bless

Milton Truman , Ak.

we have been members of Lifeworks for 6 years now. I have to say the Pastor was 

very patient with me and my daughter until we grew to fin for ourselves. Most of the 

people are so supportive. especially doing my hard times. and the praise and worship

in a word is awesome. you just gotta come see for yourself

Tyra, Tx.

I thought this church would be just another money grubbing church

it was refreshing to learning the Pastor pays his own bills even though a salary

should be given him. I think the fact that because he loves his Lord And the People

he does it just to serve. it was hard for me to believe he was for real at first. Now I 

know he really is a man of God .